About Us

Absolute Chiral is a provider of chiral building blocks and ADC linkers for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We typically carry all the stereoisomers for a given chiral compound to help identify the most active isomer. We also carry rare and multifunctional ADC linkers to help chemists achieve their specific goal. All the compounds in our catalog are in stock in our San Diego warehouse and can be shipped out to you the next day. You may find compounds by browsing through our product list or searching by keyword at our online store. Absolute Chiral also provides chiral analysis, purification and synthesis and offers one stop service for all your chiral chemistry needs.

Absolute Chiral is fully equipped for chiral analysis, purification and synthesis. We are specialized in chiral specific reactions using enzymes and catalysts. Combined with our expertise in chiral analysis and separation, we can provide a complete solution for your need for optically pure compounds.